PaytonDavis Bookkeeping Services

We offer an extensive array of services and comprehensive support tailored to address the varied needs of small businesses in Northern California and beyond.

Business Auditing

Get your financials back on track and keep your money records in check with our business auditing service.

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Monthly Bookkeeping

Keep your financial records correct and up-to-date with our monthly bookkeeping service.

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Quarterly Bookkeeping

Choose a money-saving way to keep your records accurate with our quarterly bookkeeping service, suited to your needs.

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Yearly Bookkeeping

Stay financially organized and compliant with our yearly bookkeeping service, making sure everything’s in line for your business.

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Payroll Management

Make your payday processes easy and keep your workers happy with our skilled payroll services.

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Software Training

Boost your software skills using our training, made for both individuals and business teams.

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Tax Preparation Coming 2024…

Not only can we manage your books, we offer training to you and your team

We offer training available for OneDrive, Microsoft Suite, Google Suite, and QuickBooks. Whether you’re an individual looking to enhance your skills or a business seeking a corporate training package for your team, we offer tailored programs to boost efficiency and proficiency in these essential software tools.

I’ve come to deeply appreciate Julie’s professionalism, responsiveness, and punctuality. No matter how complex or urgent a request, she consistently delivers her reports on time, ensuring that they are both accurate and meticulously organized. Furthermore, her patience stands out, especially when dealing with complicated financial situations or when explaining intricate details to those less versed in the world of accounting. Julie’s commitment to her role and her unwavering dedication to ensuring her clients are well-informed and confident in their financial standing is unparalleled. For anyone seeking a reliable, professional, and patient bookkeeper, Julie is, without doubt, a top-tier choice.

Ginger Weeden

CEO, Set In Motion Marketing and Media

Let's Get Your Finances Organized.

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